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Aaxon Announces Laundry Aesthetic Award Winner

May 06, 2021

By Planet Laundry Staff: Aaxon Laundry Systems based in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. recently named its second Laundry Aesthetic Award winner of 2017.

Theo Spyer, former Aaxon controller turned laundry owner, was presented the award by Aaxon's marketing team of Brittany Pettineo and Amber Perkins, as well as company consultant Arthur Lapon, who worked with Spyer to open his laundry.

The award is a plaque featuring Spyer's previously published PlanetLaundry "Business Bio" article, within a frame that complements the store's interior colors.

"I chose to open a laundry because I saw the great achievements of many laundry owners while at Aaxon," Spyer said. "And I sincerely enjoy providing a service to this community and speaking with my customer base."

Spyer's laundromat, which opened in fall 2016 in Oakland Park, Fla., was the site of an existing, outdated laundry. He and Lapon worked together to transform the space into a modern, upscale vended laundry.

Aaxon presents its Laundry Aesthetic Award to deserving operators the company has worked with across the state.

Article source: http://www.coinlaundry.org/blogs/planet-laundry/2017/11/30/aaxon-announces-laundry-aesthetic-award-winner