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How to use our App

Learn how to use the AaxonPay Mobile App in 5 easy steps. See how easy it is to pay for your laundry through our app.

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Not able to log in.

Connectivity in laundry room not sufficient. Log in to app when connected via cell/wifi and then go to laundry room.

App not connecting to machine.

Bluetooth cache is full. Turn on/off Airplane mode, thus clearing cache, and try again.

App finds machines but just gives a chirp and doesn’t start.

Reader locked up, resetting washer or dryer by unplugging and plugging in and try again.

When reloading funds onto app, receiving a usage error.

Go to "My Account" on app and type in your zip code to ensure you're registered at your correct location. If you see your location twice, choose the first one matching your address/the one ending in "MB".

App indicates the washer cycle is done but when going to the laundry room, there is still time on the washer.

The times on washers (only) are estimated based on the previous five loads.

Resident receives a negative balance or lower balance than they thought they had.

Laundry rooms with weak cell signal may result in a delay in updating balances in real time.

When using a stack dryer/combo, resident selected the wrong machine number on the app.

Do not press "Start" on the wrong machine, the transaction will time out in 10 seconds. Once timed out, you can select the correct machine. You will not get charged until the "Start" button on the washer/dryer is pressed.

Can I share the app with my roommates/family?

Yes; however, logging in to the app will boot off the other user. Only one phone can be logged in at a time.

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