See what our clients are saying! 

Aaxon gave us the demographics, equipment mix, store layout and construction contractors. They did a lot of legwork for us. I am the type of person that really wants to know how my business is doing. It was very important for me to have a system that I can log into at any time and know the performance of my store. With Huebsch Command, I am able to get daily totals, revenue by machine, turns per day and turns per hour. The data that Huebsch Command offers you makes it easier to run a laundromat.

Daniel Yoon, Investor

He helped from the beginning of the process to the end. I appreciate all of the work he did to get this laundry started.

Phil Kodroff, Investor 

Love, love, love the app. Doing Laundry has never been simpler. No more quarters. So quick and simple to load credit onto app. So simple to run washer and dryer... just scan and go. Only wish we had feature that allows to view status of all machines in our facility so we don't have to roam from floor to floor looking for available machines. Otherwise everything about app is excellent.

Bryan Anderson

I used to dread doing laundry, but since my complex installed the new machines it's been so easy! I have everything on my phone, and being able to pay through the Aaxon App, check the balance, even start the machine... they made it so high-tech and easy. I highly recommend the app!

Adina Arhire 

We have Aaxon Laundry system. What a pleasure. Clean, reliable machines and easy to operate especially with the app. I always have enough on my account so I don't have to worry about using money or a card. Great job Aaxon!

Kevin Hanaway

Aaxon Laundry System is such a convenience. No more going to stores to get quarters and being told you have to buy something, or your 100 other neighbors have already hit them up for quarters. No more going to wash and you don't have enough coins. Now just use my phone to pay and start the machines.

The best part...You don't have to sit and wait for the machine. You receive an alert on your phone that let's you know when your wash is done or dry.

Stonecastle Publications

"Our best decision was to replace all of our dryers and 30 out of our 66 washers. Over the past year, the business has skyrocketed. I had nothing to do with the equipment replacement choice, Ed and Arthur chose it for me."

Iris Contempo

Our building's machines have an app - AaxonPay - that we can use to do our laundry and I don't know how all laundry rooms don't have this. I can start my machine from the app and keep tabs on my balance so I don't have to deal with loose change when I go. Makes doing laundry so easy, it's almost ridiculous! Tech for the win on this one.

Kat Torre

AaxonPay does a great job of streamlining the entire laundry experience, from adding money to your account to processing your payments to the machines of your choice, AaxonPay handles it quickly and efficiently. Good job!

Frank Toscanini

I love the AaxonPay app, it makes doing my laundry at my condo sooo much easier. Not only can I pay for everything on the app but I automatically get a text when my laundry is done.

Lyndsi Stafford


Richard Lipchitz 

This is so much easier than having to save quarters
Just touch the card to the machine it's ready to go.

Vincent Bongiovanni 

Awesome new way of using technology to make things quicker! Axon is the new best way of washing!

Joaquin Gomez

Using Aaxon has saved me time and makes the laundry experience much easier to handle. I no longer have to look for quarters!

Kenneth Solomon

Great customer service!!! Equipment works great and the app is extremely user friendly for quick service! Would highly recommend!

Courtney Andrews

I chose to open a laundry because I saw the great achievements of many laundry owners while at Aaxon. I chose to work with Aaxon because of how long they've successfully been in business, and the fact I was extremely familiar with their manufacturer, Alliance Laundry Systems who manufactures Huebsch laundry equipment. I chose to equip my laundry with Huebsch equipment from also seeing the success of so many before me with the brand.

Theo Spyer, Investor

Live at Casa Verano Condominium and have been using Aaxon services for several years now. Recently put in new updated machines and they are great. Download the Aaxon app and you are good to go. Service requests are covered promptly. Have no complaints

Janet Kayan

Our building replaced the old laundry machines with the new ones from Aaxon Laundry systems. The machines work good, I can reload the card that gave us, or the app on my phone using my credit card. Everything looks good now.

Panos Spilios Lianopoulos 

Easy to use and accurate. It has made washing a breeze. I don't have to worry about having change. I can track how much money is in the account. I can activate the washer/dryer with the bar scanner on the app. I can even track how much time left in my wash or dryer.


Great new large laundry system in our building. Works directly with my mobile to pay then be notified of completion of loads. Nice job

Richard S
Fort Lauderdale, FL

I swore to myself I wouldn't write a review about Laundry Systems, but I changed my mind after today. I've been using the system for a few months now and it has been adequate for my needs. I use it with Aaxon's smartphone app, which was neat enough for me. Today, though, the system actually utilized two-factor authentication to verify my identity (great, I hadn't seen them for a week or so), but above and beyond that, I got a notification from their service when my laundry cycle had completed. I am beside myself. Good work Aaxon!

Scott W
Fort Lauderdale, FL

This is a great system with an app that's easy to use and very convenient. Have been using it for 6 trouble free months.

Joe V
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Love the app as it's super easy to download, follow the instructions and use. It's convenient and I don't have to look for quarters for the washing and drying machines. You do however need to have your phone with you to use the machines. Easy to reload with money for more washes.

Gail P
Metamora, MI

Aaxon is great and easy to use because you don't always can find change and its cheap as well

Kenneth A
San Francisco, CA

Our building in Century Village, WPB, has recently contracted with Aaxon for our laundry system.
Machines work well and I like the new App system for payment, etc.
Recommend Aaxon for everyone.

Phyllis P
San Francisco, CA

I love how easy and surprisingly affordable Aaxon is ~ new modern system and no increase in price! No need to have correct change or cash at all! You will love it!

Candace B
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Love this! Makes doing laundry so much easier and convenient. The app is user friendly and connects to the washer automatically.

Reggiee L
Miami, FL

Wonderful company! Love their machines- no issues! Always work great. Good customer service as well.

Rebecca O
Hallandale Beach, FL

New service to our building. Been here 6 months and not one issue. I love the ease of the app and not needing quarters!

Jennifer D
Oakland Park, FL

So easy to use. I love that the app notifys you when your machine is finished.

Shirley Henze 

Awesome app! Works better than manually trying to pay!


So far so good, it's been smooth every time it's been used.


Love it, it makes laundry day, so much easier.

Maria Maratea 

Easy to use. Tells me when its done. No running to put money on a card.

Jessica Drago 

Arthur, I can never tell you just how much I appreciate all the time and work you put in to help my husband and I go into our first and very successful Laundromat. It has always been a pleasure to work with you and your company and to reap the benefits of your thoughtful and competent advice and analyses. Thanks for always being there for us.

Our best decision was to replace all of our dryers and 30 out of our 66 washers. Over the past year, the business has skyrocketed. I had nothing to do with the equipment replacement choice, Ed and Arthur chose it for me.

Iris Contempo, Investor 

"I really enjoyed the Expo & met some outstanding suppliers, who were very helpful for me to bring back to the Association."

SF Condo and HOA Expo

As I look back on how you helped me to get started in the laundry business many years ago I wanted to thank you for the advice and handholding through that most difficult first store and how I have been able to expand that success into a chain of very successful Laundromats.

Courtney Case, Laundromat Owner

I first met Aaxon Laundry Systems around June of 2013. From our first meeting, I have found Aaxon to be very helpful in matters regarding the Laundry Industry. On many occasions, they have been instrumental in helping me with several issues. Over the last couple of years, I have come to rely on Aaxon's expertise in those areas of the Laundry Industry I was unfamiliar with or having difficulty with. As a person, I believe him to be a generous and kind person. A person who is easy-going and easy to talk to. The integrity and kindness he has shown me over the last two years are much appreciated. Should anyone require his service or expertise I would Highly recommend Aaxon Laundry Systems.

William Paterson, Laundromat Owner

Thank you for helping me and my family with the purchase, construction, design, and operation of three very successful laundromats you have built. Your knowledge and skill in working out the most vexing of issues has always been greatly appreciated. Thanks for everything.

Jeff S, Laundromat Owner

It was a very big decision for the community to outsource our laundry system. Waterford Point Condominium's laundry rooms are now operating at their best, and Aaxon is happy to play a part in improving such an important task in residents' daily lives. I'm happy to commence this project together.

Michael Sparano, Property Manager, Waterford Point Condominium 

Well, reason for my mail is to recognize Lori Maron for her outstanding service over the past 8 years when we first signed up with Aaxon. As you know, we have recently signed an extension and are expecting delivery of new equipment in about 3-5 weeks. It was relatively easy to convince the Board of Directors to extend the contract, I personally think that is in large part due to employees like Lori. If only 20% other of vendors had the same caliber of employees like you, my life would be much easier. I am not easily persuaded to provide references for vendors, but can say with conviction Aaxon will not disappoint!

Holger Lutz, CAM, David William Hotel Condominium 

Aaxon's whole team, including the service mechanics are extremely helpful, and the quality of service and machines are as promised. We anticipate doing business with you again and would recommend Aaxon to other buildings. Keep up the good work.

Jose Alvarez, Property Manager, Belle Plaza Condominium 

Their service is absolutely great. The fact that you can email for service and receive it within 24 hours, or sometimes less, is outstanding! I would highly recommend choosing Aaxon for all your laundry room needs.

Janet Kayan, Board Member, Casa Verano Condominium 

Aaxon has given us the proper attention we need. When I call my Aaxon, I receive immediate attention!

Randy Seeman, Property Manager, Lime Bay Condominium 

We met with several other laundry companies as well as Aaxon and came out with the solution Aaxon was the best. I love the fast service turnaround time. If I phone for service in the morning before noon, I will receive service that afternoon. And for us with 192 units, fast service is very important to us.

Andre Poulin, President of the HOA at Hawaiian Gardens Phase VIII

My experience dealing with Aaxon since the beginning has been beyond spectacular. "From the contract negotiations to the scheduling of removing old equipment and putting in new, to the final completion- everything has gone smoothly! The equipment and technology they provided to the building are excellent, above the industry standard. Their commission split is very competitive. I highly recommend Aaxon for your laundry business needs.

Steven Zamora, Atlantic Pacific Management  

I chose Aaxon because they came highly recommended to us by our accountant. He suggested this company will provide our community with high caliber equipment and service. They answered all of the questions we had. We were still hesitant with the program and the services because of the longevity of the contract, but after speaking with Sergio, Multi-Housing Account Executive, he helped guide us and gave us the answers to make the best decision. We had a good experience, everything was handled properly, very professional and all questions were answered giving us the peace of mind needed to move forward.

Wanda Del Toro, Board Member, The Laurels Apartment 

I like the stainless steel tub and how deep the machines are. Aaxon works directly with the board on counting the money so there are no questions asked. I also love the service that Aaxon provides, the Customer Service Team has been very helpful and I can tell Aaxon is a real team. The residents also like the new smart card technology, definitely a step forward in the right direction for the property. I would definitely recommend Aaxon Laundry Systems to others.

Steve Spadaro, President, Countryside Condominium

Aaxon was recommended to us at first by our property management company and after doing research on both Aaxon and their competitors, and then working with their AE, through the contract negotiations, we found Aaxon the best choice and with the most flexibility of being able to satisfy our community's needs. The installation of the equipment and their follow-through on the whole process of cleaning up the laundry room and getting the equipment in has been absolutely excellent.

Steve Beluk, President,  Waterway Condominium Association

The ease of the Smart Card usage was a huge selling factor for us. Many of our residents don't have computers but the Smart Cards were easily accepted. That was a huge selling factor. Aaxon removed all of the outdated machines and replaced them with new, efficient card-operated Speed Queen Commercial Washers and Dryers and even brightened up all 13 laundry rooms in the community with fresh paint and new valves. "Aaxon is the only company I brought in that I had heard so many good things about. It's very impressive to know there's that many happy people around town. I've heard great things about Aaxon from other companies

Stan Switzer, Property Manager, Warwick Condominium

Aaxonawas very helpful. They spruced up, painted, and put fans in our laundry rooms because the rooms aren't air conditioned. The residents love the new Speed Queen machines and are happy with the switch from coin to card-operated machines. They even put on a Welcome Party for all the residents with food and drinks, it's not very often that you find a company whose customer service goes above and beyond your expectations but Aaxon did it! We are now receiving our fair commission and before we met Aaxon we could not figure that out. We are now making DOUBLE than what we were making with the other company and that fits nicely with our budget. Overall, it was a pleasure to work with Aaxon Laundry Systems.

Wendy Stevenson, Property Manager,  Village Park at Oakland Condominium

Aaxon has been great and I have nothing but compliments for them. Whenever there has been an issue Aaxon responds promptly and efficiently. The Aaxon team are aces.

Glenn Tompkins, Board Member,  Somerset Condominium.

Aaxon's level of responsiveness and client service are exceptional and they are a pleasure to work with. The residents are incredible happy with the new Speed Queen machines and loved the laundry party. I would recommend Aaxon to others.

Yvon, Board Member, Somerset Condominium.

First and foremost, your techs were fantastic. Aaxon's crew managed to work in conjunction with the competitor removing machines and your crew following right behind getting the install done. Residents have come to me saying how nice and polite the techs were and how efficient they were!

The Value Add Station is very simple to use and the residents are coming in handfuls to put funds on the cards. This has been a wonderful experience for not only me, but for the residents as well. I can't thank you enough for showing an outstanding job you and your team did for us. I look forward to a long relationship with Aaxon.

Kelly Oalmann, On-Site Office Manager, Moorings of Maximo Condominium 

I am very pleased thus far with the customer service experience I have received from Aaxon Laundry Systems. I look forward to a great working relationship.

Johnson and Wales University 

I would like to thank your Customer Service Team & Angie for such great customer service. Your company is awesome. I appreciate that she called me right away and keep me updated on my service request.

Susan Fuguenius, Resident, The Laurels

We decided to use Aaxon because it's very close to our property, it's only a few miles distance. I like the service proposed to us- and quick turnaround time. If I have a problem in the morning, I know in the afternoon it will be fixed. And if it's in the afternoon, then I know the next morning it will be fixed. So that's very important to us. Also, the fact that it's very easy to operate the system. We will be partners with Aaxon for ten years which is very impressive also.

So far everyone has been very, very happy because we have brand new machines. We had a party to introduce the machines and their functionality. We have a good contact with everyone from Aaxon and they listen to our needs.

Henri Dupond, Vice President, Hawaiian Gardens

Aaxon's Account Executive was a pleasure to work with. He was professional, caring and thoughtful throughout the entire process. His follow up was excellent and the residents love the new Speed Queen machines. I wish there were more people like him and more companies like Aaxon Laundry Systems!

 Loretta Jordan, Tampa Presbyterian Community, Inc. 

Aaxon's install crew did a tremendous job at my condo's install. They were courteous, professional, and respectful of the property. I was so impressed. The level of service received from Aaxon was higher than any of our other vendors.

Steve Howard, Treasurer, Villa Vista Condominium 

Aaxon Laundry Systems Service Team is awesome. They respond quickly and are out to the property with Certified Trained Technicians. Yuri, Aaxon's Route Tech is the best tech I have seen. The machine he fixed has never worked so great!

Mrs. Goldman, Resident, El Dorado 

I enjoyed Aaxon's Welcome Party. It was very well organized and I appreciate the food and refreshments they brought over!

Oscar Gonzales, Resident Lime Bay Condominium Phase Two

Aaxon provided machines that the Association wanted at a fair price. Similar to all things, laundry equipment can break. Aaxon has shined in the repair business by have a technician assigned to our property. They have always excelled in the communication related to the situation.

Our manager, Lori Maron is a true professional who has taken care of problems with urgency and effectiveness. I suggest that you hire Aaxon Laundry Systems.

Jack Kelly, Property Manager 

Aaxon Laundry Systems services are great. The work was above and beyond what I expected for the Mobile Home Park I manage in Tarpon Springs.

Irene Downes, Property Manager, Tarponaire Mobile Resort

Aaxon stood out from the other companies because of how quickly they responded to our request. Sergio Bocanegra was very courteous and helpful throughout the whole process. The information he provided to us was invaluable.

I have also appreciated the prompt, professional service I now receive from Aaxon's Customer Service Team. I would highly recommend Aaxon Laundry Systems.

Bertrand Demers, Board Member, Pompano Place

I am glad that Aaxon got the contract for our laundry equipment. They were the only ones who took the time to look at our laundry room.

Mary Jo Hefner, Terrace Park at Five Towns

Aaxon has GREAT customer service and all the workers that are sent to our building have wonderfully professional attitudes. It is great to know Aaxon is working like a well-oiled machine.

Elizabeth Pantoja, Administrative Assistant, Pompano Atlantis Condominium Association, Inc.

Aaxon routinely collects money from the machines, makes repairs, and communicates with the management company. They are good, professional company.

Jim Davidson, CAM, Property Manager 

Thanks to Aaxon our condominium has upgraded laundry rooms with new washers and dryers. Our residents especially like the card-operated system where they can pre-pay for the laundry services.

Patricia Gladding, Tennis Club Lenglen Condominium, Inc. 

Being a part of the Aaxon team for more than ten years has been very rewarding on a daily basis. As Operations Manager, I have gained so much knowledge and continue to do so with the exceptional leaders I work for. I look forward to watching Aaxon grow and be a part of Aaxon's success, makes me proud to be a part of #TeamAaxon and fuels me to give 110% every day.

Lori Maron, Operations Manager, Aaxon Laundry Systems

From top to bottom, Aaxon's greatest strength is the people. When you become part of the team, you're exposed to smart team members, great culture, fantastic learning opportunities, senior leadership exposure, and high levels of responsibility. I have been with the company for 5 years and have worked with team members who have been with Aaxon for 10, 15, 20, and even 30 years. That says a lot about a company!

Brittany Pettineo, Director of Marketing, Aaxon Laundry Systems

My company genuinely cares about the people who use our services.

Angie Silveira, CSR, Aaxon Laundry Systems

Working at Aaxon has allowed me to enter an interesting technological field with new challenges. Thank you, Aaxon, for the opportunity and the confidence… if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go as a team.

Orlando, Service Technician, Aaxon Laundry Systems

We have brought the history of the Cuban culture into the laundromat with pictures of old cars on the wall. Letting the music play throughout the day and seeing people walk by enjoying the art, it's a beautiful sight. Life is full of color. It's the way you express your passion and love. Being a part of a community and having an essential business, you have to embrace and support the ones around you.

Autumn Markley, Owner, Little Havana Laundry

The Aaxon service team was professional as well as knowledgeable on how to install and program the machines.

Barbara, Secretary- Cromwell West Office 

The Aaxon performance was phenomenal and I am truly impressed. Your service technician, Pablo Padron did a great job and it sounds like you have a great team there at Aaxon.

Mark McDonnell- Waterford Point

There's a reason Aaxon is so prolific in new laundromat development. This team is so skilled in helping current owners maximize profits with Huebsch equipment and getting new investors off to fast starts.

Eric Meyers, General manager of OPL and laundromat segments, Alliance Laundry Systems.

Computers and iPhones start our day at Aaxon BUT the people are why I have worked here for 14 years. They are the engine that creates the innovation that generates Aaxon's growth year after year.

Joe Norris, Assistant Controller, Aaxon Laundry Systems 

Working for Aaxon is a true pleasure for me. The supportive environment fosters creativity and growth, and the emphasis on teamwork and collaboration helps to bring out the best in each of us. In a small industry like ours, a good reputation is critical. I appreciate Aaxon's focus on innovation and forward-thinking and feel proud to be part of an organization that is always looking for better ways to serve our customers.

Michael Proenza, Consultant, Aaxon Laundry Systems

"Laciel has been one of our Service Technicians, he is an amazing person, with great and professional customer service! We love him at Woodall's Village Mobile Home Park." - Serena Car, Resident

Laciel, Field Service Technician, Aaxon 

"Aaxon Laundry Systems Service Team is awesome. They respond quickly and are out to the property with Certified Trained Technicians. Yuri, Aaxon's Route IT Tech is the best tech I have seen. The machine he fixed has never worked so great!"- Mrs. Goldman, Resident, El Dorado

Yuri, IT Technician, Aaxon

"The Aaxon performance was phenomenal and I am truly impressed. Your service technician, Pablo did a great job and it sounds like you have a great team there at Aaxon."- Mark McDonnell, Resident, Waterford Point

Pablo, Field Service Technician, Aaxon

I like using the App. It's much easier when I use the laundry service since I always have my phone with me. Loading my card on the App is very simple to do. I don't need to worry about going to another building to load up my card. I lost my card once and I will never use a card again. My phone is the best way to use this service.

Margaret Cozzolino, AaxonPay App User

Lori Maron, the Aaxon Operations Manager, and your team have made a significant and positive improvement within our building community! The transition from our old washers & dryers to the installation of the new Aaxon washers & dryers went smoothly and was completed within a very reasonable time period. Also, Aaxon has kept our leadership team well-informed via email and within the Aaxon customer account portal.

Tomas Jasso, Board Member, Omega Condominiums 

I had a great experience working with Michael and his team. They were extremely professional and gave me guidance that helped me build a strong small business. I can't recommend working with Michael enough!

Matt Bossom, Laundromat Owner

Everything is great! The residents LOVE them!

Myranda Haines, Birmingham, Alabama, Property Manager

Aaxon has great customer service and the app has simplified my day. I do not have to drag myself to the clubhouse to add money to my card or even walk to the laundry room in my condo to get there and find out they are in use. The new app allows me to see what is available, and how much time is left, and lets me know when my items are done. Easy to put money on the app by attaching a bank account. Life is so much better now.

Lauretta Y., Resident

The Aaxon installation of 126 new laundry machines was quite the undertaking, with 21 laundry rooms with 6 machines spread out on a 3.5-acre campus. The install team arrived and told me how they planned to move through the complex installing the new machines over a week, signage, new water lines, and dryer ducting. Everything went according to plan, and the install crew finished a day earlier than expected. The install team was very polite and did a great job on the installation. A great experience and I am glad we went with Aaxon!

Donald Moore, Vice President, Royal Park Condominium Apartments, Inc.

Thank you for your fast response Angie, you and the Aaxon Service Technician, Sandy did a wonderful job today!!!!!

Resident, One Harbour Way Condominiums