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Aaxon Event Draws New Investors

May 06, 2021

By Planet Laundry Staff: Aaxon Laundry Systems based in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., held its second annual Aaxon Autumn Expo on October 3 at the company's headquarters. L

eading industry vendors - including SpyderWash, ESD, Imonex, Rowe, Pettineo Insurance Agencyy and others - were on hand to meet with attendees about their products and services.

In addition, informative breakout sessions took place throughout the morning, featuring Jason Fleck, Huebsch senior regional sales manager, and Jason Husman, Huebsch financial brand manager.

Speaker presentations and service seminars continued throughout the day, as attendees also mingled with on-site vendors. The event included a catered lunch, as well as several prize giveaways, including the grand prize of a 60-inch high-definition television.

The annual Autumn Expo is designed to benefit the south Florida laundry owner community by bringing industry vendors and educational tools all in one place for a day. The event drew laundry owners from across southeast and southwest Florida, including several new investors looking to learn more.

"Aaxon is proud to put on these types of events for the local laundry owner community to connect, learn and realize they have a friend in the laundry industry," said Aaxon consultant Frank Paul D'Annunzio. "It's a joy to see attendees walk in - some of them who are just learning about the industry - ask questions and be able to educate themselves on topics essential to operating a successful laundry. They walk out confident, knowing they can count on Aaxon to guide them every step of the way."

Article Source: http://www.coinlaundry.org/blogs/planet-laundry/2017/11/01/aaxon-event-draws-new-investors