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Aaxon Hosts Free Service School

May 06, 2021

By Planet Laundry Staff

Aaxon wrapped up its first service school of the year at the company's Fort Lauderdale headquarters on May 3.

This event focused mainly on Huebsch washer-extractors. Laundry owners and service technicians in the south Florida area were invited to attend the morning-long educational session, which featured hands-on demonstrations by Huebsch Southeast Regional Field Service Manager Dale Simpson.

"It was great meeting customers at the service school," said Aaxon consultant Frank P. D'Annunzio. "I'm happy to provide a fun, educational environment for laundry owners in the area to see the nitty-gritty of how their own equipment works. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the next school."

Aaxon's free laundry service schools were created for laundry owners and service technicians who maintain and repair commercial washers and dryers, and are seeking expert advice on the subject. Each session targets a different topic to provide attendees with well-rounded overviews of how their equipment functions. Multimedia presentations and hands-on demonstrations are featured - as well as coffee, breakfast, lunch, and specials on parts and soap.

The company's next service school will be held on July 12. For details, visit http://www.aaxon.com/service-schools.

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