Aaxon's Pettineo Named to FCLA Board

May 06, 2021

By Planet Laundry Staff

The Florida Coin Laundry Association recently elected Brittany Pettineo to its board of directors. She is currently the director of marketing for Aaxon Laundry Systems, based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Pettineo's election to the 15-member board marks a milestone, making her the first woman named to the FCLA Board's distributor segment.

"It's a great feeling to join the FCLA," she said. "My goal when I joined was to add value to the board. In the first three months as a director, I've already made changes to help improve the association. It's nice to know that, as a woman in the commercial laundry industry, my voice is being heard among the other board members."

Pettineo has been involved in the laundry industry since 2014, when she joined Aaxon's growing marketing department.

The FCLA is constantly working to enhance the agendas for its meetings, which are held to benefit laundry owners and the self-service laundry industry in general within the state.

"In January, we sent out a survey to FCLA members and gained some great insight that will help us strategically plan for our next events," Pettineo explained. "From the survey, we found that the number-one topic laundry owners want to learn about is marketing, and that makes me very excited. For an industry that typically doesn't market, I think laundry owners are realizing they need to do something to get more customers through their doors."

The FCLA meets in various locations throughout the state during the year. For more information about the FCLA and upcoming events, visit www.coinlaundry.org/fcla/home.

Article Source: http://www.coinlaundry.org/blogs/planet-laundry/2017/02/28/aaxons-pettineo-named-to-fcla-board