Athletic Facilities

Commercial Laundry Equipment for Athletic Facilities

With Huebsch® commercial and light commercial washers and dryers for your athletic facility, you will see better results and higher extraction speeds which will reduce drying time for your athletic facilities cleaning care.

Similar to a salon and spa, athletic facilities such as gyms, fitness centers, high schools and colleges will see towels making up a large portion of their laundry volumes.

We understand these industries will emphasize speed and efficiency.

Managers will want higher speeds to remover water and cut drying times. With features like extra-large capacity and a no-hassle lint filter, Huebsch® commercial laundry dryers allow you to focus on your day-to-day operations instead of your laundry. College or high school laundries that may be washing uniforms and other gear, may desire more control of the wash process.

Huebsch adds unmatched efficiency to industry-leading quality and durability with innovative energy-saving and water-reducing features for your domestic and export needs.

With unmatched durability, performance and efficiency, Huebsch® is the best athletic facility laundry equipment brand. At Aaxon, our commercial and light commercial washers and dryers utilize leading-edge technology and innovation to accelerate performance while reducing utilities and overall operating costs helping athletic facilities get laundry done faster and within budget.

We provide washers and dryers for athletic facilities in the state of Florida, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, South America, Central America and other export markets.

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