Avant Garde Condominium, Hallandale Beach

The Avant Garde Community has chosen Aaxon Laundry Systems of Florida to provide Energy Efficient, SmartCard operated Speed Queen Commercial Washers and Dryers to serve 300 residents.

Energy Efficient Speed Queen top load washers and dryers, equipped with Aaxon's Classic Cash to Card Payment Technology, were installed in both the East and West Towers. With the SmartCard payment system and energy efficient Speed Queen laundry machines, the residents of Avant Garde won't have to spend as much time separating their change as they do separating and actually doing their laundry!

The Avant Garde residents chose the Speed Queen Top load over Front load washers for their ease of operation and for the ability to add forgotten items after the wash cycle has started.

Speed Queen's Top loaders are compliant to the 2007 Department of Energy's water and energy efficiency standards for commercial washers and use only 22.8 gallons per complete wash cycle. The washers spin out cycle has been increased to 720 rpm's in order to wring out as much moisture from the clothes as possible, thus requiring the dryer to work less time, to further reduce energy costs. Residents will benefit from significant savings in water, sewer and energy costs.

Along with the laundry equipment, two of our Classic Cash to Card ReValue Machines (RVM) were installed, one in each Tower, and residents of Avant Garde received a free Aaxon SmartCard.

The SmartCard looks exactly like a credit card, but instead of a magnetic strip on the back, it has a miniature computer chip embedded on the front. The residents can easily transfer a monetary value onto their SmartCard at the RVM and use their SmartCard to activate the laundry equipment instead of quarters, adding a tremendous convenience for the residents.

With each use, the machine deducts the vend price from the balance on the SmartCard and the digital display on the machine shows the new balance left on the card.The residents were excited with the technology and its ease of use.

To celebrate their updated laundry facilities, residents were invited to a Laundry Welcome Party sponsored by Aaxon, located in the community's Social Room.

Residents from both Towers gathered to enjoy appetizers and beverages, a machine demonstration, and to receive their new Smart Cards along with complimentary gift bags supplied by Aaxon. This is great, I have never been to a laundry party before," said resident Tammy Nelson.

Bringing the residents of Avant Garde together for this event was a wonderful start to our new relationship.

We are pleased to welcome the residents of Avant Garde as an Aaxon Laundry Partner!

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