Aaxon Laundry Introduces Several Advanced Payment Options to Deliver Improved Laundry Experience

December 08, 2021

Aaxon Laundry offers a number of advanced and convenient payment options for its properties to deliver a more satisfying laundry experience for its residents. Our payment options include Aaxon Pay, Aaxon Tap Reader, and Aaxon Credit Card Reader.

Mentioned below is an overview of the payment methods introduced by Aaxon Laundry.

· Aaxon Pay: An iPhone/Android application that allows users to pay for laundry cycles using Bluetooth to communicate with the washer or dryer. Credit can be purchased from the app, and the same can be used later for the laundry. The entire transaction history can also be viewed. Participating laundry rooms also receive alerts when their laundry cycle is complete.

· Aaxon Credit Card Kiosk: Allows property managers to tailor payment solutions to specific demographics at their locations, delivering more flexibility, better uptime, and access to vital information. The payment hardware is EVM-ready and accepts cash as well as credit/debit cards. Some other key features include secure contactless card reader, contactless card dispenser, and value code functionality.

· Aaxon Tap Reader: Offers best in security, ease of use for customers, and reduced maintenance. All models feature secure contact-less card-reading capability with fast and accurate reads, functional LED readout amount and timer display, built-in Bluetooth for configuration and use with Aaxon Pay Mobile, coin support, and universal machine support software.

· Aaxon Credit Card Reader: Sets a new standard in acceptance for utmost payment flexibility, and provides a unique alternative to card-based systems. The reader's smart hardware design allows for easy installation and setup.

"There is an increasing demand from property managers to use modern payment technologies in their apartment and condominium laundry rooms. By utilizing our different payment platforms, we have simplified the payment process for residents," said Sales Director, Frank P. D'Annunzio

More about the payment systems can be found at https://www.aaxon.com/paymentoptions