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Advanced Payment Systems for Multi-Housing Laundry Rooms

May 06, 2021

Is your multi-housing property's laundry room currently utilizing a card/digital payment system?

If not, it's time you consider implementing one. There are countless benefits of residents using non-coin laundry payment systems.

Benefits the residents, board, and you will feel right away. Including, saying "so long!" to the hassle of counting coins which in turn eliminates accounting stresses. The risk of theft is also eliminated due to cashless laundry rooms. Welcome to your multi-housing property's bright future of a seamless and convenient payment system. Remember, happy residents equal a happy property manager!

Credit/Debit Card Payment

The freedom to pay without coins is a freedom that can't be celebrated enough. Residents love options, and beginning with the option of card payment for laundry use is a freedom they'll thank you for. Choosing laundry equipment with card payment abilities is necessary for this day and age. Not only will your current residents appreciate the positive move forward, but you'll be able to continuously attract new ones. A well-maintained laundry room that undergoes improvements is certainly noticed, and laundry rooms are an important deal breaker for potential residents considering to move in.

Laundry Card Payment

Residents will love the convenience of inserting their laundry card, a.k.a., Smart Card, into the laundry machine and being no longer being limited by the number of available mix coins in their pocket. Cashless commercial laundry equipment is operated by Smart Cards which are reloaded at the VTM (value transfer machine) kiosks placed inside laundry rooms or other common areas. Smart Cards are beneficial to residents and property managers for many reasons, including on-call customer service from Aaxon who can troubleshoot card issues over the phone when they occur. Not to mention, since Smart Cards are a designated method of payment for laundry only, residents will appreciate having a unique card for their weekly, if not daily chore. Connect it to our stylish Aaxon lanyard, hang it on the door, and voila! Your resident is ready to hit the laundry room.

Mobile Wallets - Apple Pay & Samsung Pay

In a world where digital wallets are continuously evolving, offering the utmost convenience to busy people on the go, how great would it be if you can offer this feature to your residents? Good news is you can. Aaxon can implement Apple Pay and Samsung Pay to your property's laundry rooms, giving your residents even more options to pay for their laundry. A simple decal is placed on the laundry equipment showing the machines accepts the digital payment method. Resident hovers their phone over the decal and done! Laundry is paid for. Food for thought, the type of person who prefers to use a mobile wallet payment method is the same type of person who hates handling cash. Offering a digital payment method to these residents definitely makes for a happy resident.

Choosing a cashless payment method for your multi-housing property's laundry room is a big step in the right direction for a future of resident happiness. We hope this helped clear any questions you may have about introducing a cashless commercial laundry payment system to your community. Contact us today to discuss further, we're more than happy to help. Hundreds of Florida multi-housing communities trust Aaxon Laundry Systems with all of their laundry needs. Read some of our Success Stories!

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