Commercial vs. Residential Laundry Machines

May 06, 2021

In this blog, we will outline the needs of the multi- housing market, define residential quality/ commercial quality, and prove why the other brands of washing machines are unsuitable for the multi-housing market.

In the multi-housing market, you are dealing with consumers who have no pride of ownership but the other brands are offering machines that are residential-based machines. The Maytag washer and LG washer are prime examples of machines that are made in the home style design and component. Speed Queen Machines are designed for daily use in an uncontrolled multi-housing market.

Residential quality machines are produced in mass volume, with low costs, and plastic components.

The cost of these machines are less up front and also have a faster initial installation.

However, these machines have a higher incidence rate, are more difficult to service, and because of the plastic components have a shorter machine lifespan. Because multi-housing is an uncontrolled market, you need a better machine that will stand the unknowns.

For commercial machines, like Speed Queen, you will experience a lower incidence rate, easier serviceability, and a much longer machine life-span.

The other brands begin their design with the home market in mind. Speed Queen machines originate from a rugged, commercial focused design. Unlike the other brands, Speed Queen machines aren't built for assembly, they are built for SERVICE. For that very reason, the service panel is located on the front of the Speed Queen machine. If you ever have to repair a Speed Queen machine it'll be the easiest machine you will ever have to fix. Although, there is a higher up front cost to the Speed Queen machine, ultimately the long term benefits gained from the Speed Queen washer or dryer, out way these preliminary concerns.

Now let's take a closer look at the components of the other brands residential machines sold in the multi- housing market.

Machine Base

Speed Queen machines full metal bass leads to a more stable and sturdier machine. The other brands use either a plastic base which does not hold up in a commercial environment or no base at all which could make the machine less stable.

Trunnion Shaft

Speed Queen machines Trunnion shaft is about 80% larger than the other brands which therefore can take more abuse than the typical multi-housing unit. The commercial laundry environment requires a heavy duty shaft like the one found on a Speed Queen machine for long-term reliability and performance.

Basket Baffles

The inside of the Speed Queen machines are built with integrated steel baffles. Because the other brands use attached plastic baffles, clothes and objects can get caught underneath causing customer frustration. Also, mold can form under these plastic baffles make the inside of it smell.

Outer Drain Tub

Speed Queen Machines use a porcelain or stainless steel outer drain tub. If you have a machine with a plastic outer drain tub like the other brands use, you risk the possibility of holes forming if there are sharp objects in the drain tub. Also a plastic outer drain tub, is prone to smells or residue deposits along with mildew and mold risks.

Fit and Finish

Speed Queen Machines will keep their fit and finish over time as opposed to show their age. Speed Queen's coating process consist of 3 steps:

  • First a galvanize layer
  • Then a paint coat
  • Finally, a durable finish coat

The other brands residential quality machines simple use one paint coat which wears quickly and tends to have a machine prematurely show its age to your customers. People do not like putting their clothes in a machine that looks dirty. Speed Queen Machines still look store room new after years and years of use due to their 3 stage coating process.

Your customers want to do their laundry somewhere with great reliability and wash quality. If they don't get these standards in your common laundry room, they will go to the laundromat down the street. If you do meet these standards, then you will keep your customers going specifically to your laundry room because of this positive customer experience.

In this blog, we discussed that today's consumer in a multi-housing market needs a machine that is designed for daily use in an uncontrolled environment. Next, we defined that residential style machines are produced in mass volume, with low cost, and plastic components.

As opposed to a commercial quality machine, that is rugged, dependable and built to last. Finally, we demonstrated the differences between the plastic components found in a competitor's machine to the premium commercial quality components found in every Speed Queen washer and dryer.

Now it is time to check your common area laundry rooms to see if you have residential machines or commercial machines.

If you are interested in learning more about the Speed Queen commercial laundry brand for your apartment or condominium, request a quote today!