Congratulations: Tim, Lori and Angie

May 06, 2021

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Tim Battaglia to Controller, Lori Maron to Operations Manager and Angie Silveria to Route Coordinator.

Tim Battaglia will be taking on the new role of Controller. Over the past 4 years, Tim has worked closely with the accounting and operational teams to improve our systems, management reporting and processes. With his unique background and ability to tackle new projects, he is well positioned for this important role. Tim will report to Frank D'Annunzio, CEO of Aaxon Laundry Systems.

Lori Maron will be taking on the new role of Operations Manager. Over the past 8 years, she has performed at a high-level in coordinating the many aspects of our route division. Her strong management skills make her a great fit for the Operations Manager role. She has proven to be an exceptional addition to our team. She will report to Tim Battaglia.

Angie Silveira will be taking on the new role of Route Coordinator. She has been with Aaxon Laundry Systems for more than 8 months and has excelled in her previous position as our Customer Service Rep. Her team spirit and excellent customer service skills made her a natural fit for this position. Angie will report to Lori Maron.