Eight Creative Marketing Ideas for Apartment Communities

May 06, 2021

These eight marketing ideas will help property owners and managers increase applications and interest in their community.

  1. Apartment Resident Referral Gifts: Use holidays to your advantage. Give candy out to residents during Valentine's Day with a note that says "We'd love to pay you $100 for referring a friend." This is a great way to market a referral bonus within the property. This reward can go a long way for both you and your residents.
  2. Goodie Bag: Typically after a full day of viewing apartments, all apartment communities start to blend together, this is where goodie bags come in. You can add a business card or print your community information inside the goodie bag. Making an apartment guest feel pampered and appreciated is an art in this industry.
  3. Lease Renewal Bags: When you notice a resident's lease is coming up, leave a renewal notice or letter on their door. Some things to include in the bag are a property pen, a note from the manager or a business card. This will help you retain your existing residents!
  4. Hold a Contest: Signing a lease can be stressful, since many people don't know how long they will be staying in one place. Pick a month each year and hold a contest for those people who sign a lease. If they sign a lease during a certain date, they will automatically get a prize from the property. The prize can be as little as a company pen or as big as an iPad.
  5. Working Website: Many new residents will look to your website before they visit the property. The top four things to have on your website are a photo gallery, map & directions, floor plans and a tab for them to apply online.
  6. Newsletters: Being able to create instant newsletters so that managers can keep residents informed about their community's news, as well as calendars to keep them updated about its events is a huge time saver. Everyone has email nowadays, so be sure to collect your residents emails so you can send them monthly email blasts.
  7. Social Networks: Did you know 52% of online adults now use two or more social media sites. For the first time, more than half of all online adults 65 and older (56%) use Facebook. This number represents 31% of all seniors.
    • It is now important to set up social networks to help build a voice for your apartment community. Social networks give you an opportunity to reach current and potential residents. You can share tips and advice such as the best restaurants in your area, how to decorate your apartment and where what movies are out in theaters. Your fans and followers are likely to share helpful information with their friends and followers, which will give your apartment community more exposure.

  8. Community Cook Out: Send an invitation to your residents and staff to join a community cook out. This is a great way to encourage current residents invite their friends and family. At this event, you can highlight top reasons to live in your complex. At the cook out, have staff hand out T-Shirts, pens and notepads for people to take home.