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Enhance Your Miami Multi-Housing Community

May 06, 2021

Upgrade your Miami multi-housing community and increase revenue with Aaxon Laundry System's commercial laundry leasing program.

Aaxon tailors each Miami multi-housing laundry equipment lease to fit you and your residents' needs. From selecting the proper equipment fit for your laundry room, to smooth install process and exceptional customer service, Aaxon Laundry Systems is ready to serve as your Miami commercial laundry equipment lease provider.

An improved laundry facility is a sure way to attract new tenants and encourage renewals once resident leases are up. A user-friendly, on premise laundry room with modern machines ranks as a top requirement for people seeking residence in Miami multi-housing properties.

Property owners must maintain well-equipped laundry rooms in their buildings if they expect to see residents stay in the future. The multi-housing industry is a competitive market, and both business and property owners can count on Aaxon to help keep their property highly sought-after for years to come with a professional laundry room.

Give us a call today and our team of experts will help you get started on your Miami multi-housing laundry lease.

Aaxon Laundry Systems will design your commercial laundry equipment lease to best serve your Miami property.

No matter the size and space of your building's laundry room, we will provide options of the best type of commercial laundry equipment suited for your needs. We offer revenue-sharing commercial laundry leasing plans for qualified Miami properties. This benefits the property by providing a steady income stream.

In addition, Aaxon will deliver and install your brand new machines for FREE, as well as beautify your laundry room at no added cost to the lease. This no-charge service may include, fresh wall paint, new washer and water valves, electrical outlets and ongoing dryer vent cleaning.

If you'd like to introduce SmartCard technology and rid your residents the pain and hassle associated with coin-operated machinery, no problem!

Aaxon Laundry Systems covers the costs of the SmartCard technology equipment while your Miami property reaps the benefits of complete revenue accuracy and accountability.

Aaxon is located in Fort Lauderdale off of I-95 with quick access to the highway and to your Miami multi-housing property.

Our fleet of service vehicles are on the road daily, traveling throughout the state of Florida on-call to service machines as requested by property owners and managers.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer care, same-day service when possible and most importantly, reliability. Aaxon remains on-call to service your laundry equipment for the entire duration of the lease. Our certified technicians are your Miami property's very own dependable service team, ready to be there onsite to correct any issues with the laundry equipment including hardware problems and coin slots/card reader errors.

To add, Aaxon will handle all costs associated with damage claims as well as handle tenant problems- this includes damages to a resident's property from the machines, refund requests and service requests.

All Aaxon Laundry operations occur in-house at our Fort Lauderdale offices. We do not outsource technicians, equipment repairs, or even customer service representatives.

Read more about the advantages of leasing commercial laundry equipment for your Miami property with Aaxon Laundry Systems here.

Is your Miami apartment or condominium laundry room ready for a fresh start? Request a quote today!

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