Five Common Area Laundry Room Tips Every Owner Should Know

May 06, 2021

A shared laundry room, presents unique challenges in communal living. The below tips will help make your laundry facilities appealing to residents, while providing property owners with a valuable leasing tool. Read on to learn more!

Make Sure Equipment Works
Nothing is worse than when a resident walks in a laundry room to see that some of the equipment isn't working. Check laundry rooms regularly to ensure the machines are in proper working order. It's a great idea to encourage residents to immediately report when equipment is not working properly.

Brighten Up the Room
Most residents dread doing their laundry, but with a fresh coat of paint, loathing might transform into love. Find a color that goes with the overall design and color scheme of your property.

Keep the Laundry Room Clean on a Regular Basis
When sharing laundry facilities, cleanliness is of the utmost important. The best thing you can do is clean the laundry room on a regular basis. Most of your residents do not want to do their laundry in a room that is filled with dust and dirt. To ensure cleanliness, arrange regularly scheduled cleaning of the common area laundry room.

Consider Hanging Some Wall Décor
It can be a great idea to consider giving your laundry room a theme. A touch of art on walls can make all difference. Survey the open wall space and add pictures or mirrors to make things feel cozier. It is a good idea to put as much effort into decorating this room as any other room in your property.

Switch out Your Lighting
Don't underestimate the way lighting can change the way a resident feels about your laundry room. You can increase security and enhance the cosmetic appearance of the laundry facility by updating the lighting. If your light fixtures are old and dated, think about replacing them with modern and updated fixtures.

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