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Huebsch Soft Mount Washer Extractor

May 06, 2021

Huebsch soft mount washer extractors offer smooth operation in a flexible easy to install free-standing design. In this blog, we will discuss key product features, advantages and customer benefits. Available in 8 capacities, Huebsch Soft Mount Washer Extractors are built for durability with strong stainless steel construction.

Soft Mount Washer Extractor Features Include:

  • Variable Speed Performance

Programmable wash speeds insure superior linen care while high speed extract reduce drying time significantly. Reduced drying times save wear and tear on linens, lowers utility cost and increases throughput for the time it takes to process a load of laundry.

  • Easy to Install

Because of their heavy duty suspension systems with optimal spring and shock construction, Huebsch soft mount washer extractors don't require any special foundations. That keeps installation costs low and offers flexibility to install on any floor. Read more...

  • Stainless Steel Cylinder and Outer Tub:

Both the cylinder and outer tub are constructed of stainless steel to provide superior durability, giving owners peace of mind. The wash cylinder has 3 perforated cylinder ribs with two rows of holes and a contour wash surface for optimal mechanical wash action. This saves owners money to less wear and tear on linens.

  • Large Door Openings

Extremely durable, Huebsch has the largest door opening in the industry. Wide set hinges allow the door to swing open a full 180 degrees. Easy loading and unloading improves productivity and throughput, saving the owner money and reduced labor costs.

  • Proven Frame Design

The frame on model HY20- HY70 are engineered with form steel construction and joined by clinch or welding technology. The strong, proven frame design is dependable giving owner's peace of mind.

  • Four- Compartment Soap Box

The four-compartment soap box is ergonomically designed for ease of use when manually dosing. Multiple chemical ports at the rear of the unit provide complete chemical dosing flexibility for any laundry operation.

The advanced HC 200 is available on models HY20-HY70. The control features of modern tilted control panel design with a high resolution multi label display to reduce operator errors. The micro control is available on models HY90 and HY125. It has a graphical multi lingual display.

Both controls offer up to 99 cycle programs and flexible step-based programming. Their delayed start feature allows operators to load the machine at the end of the day and program the cycle to begin before the start of their shift, the following day. The load is then ready to move to the dryer when they arrive at work, reducing idle time and increasing throughput. The controls also feature error counters and an error log to help diagnose and resolve issues faster.

In conclusion, Huebsch Soft Mount Washer Extractors offer smooth operation and a flexible easy-to- install free standing design. They are built for durability, strong stainless steel construction and with 250 or 400 G-Force and revolutionary time saving and utility saving features they are designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs, delivering 15% less water consumption than previous models. Huebsch line of soft mount washer-extractors will improve your customer's laundry performance like no other.

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