Huebsch Washer Extractor vs. Dexter Washer Extractor

May 06, 2021

In this blog, we will compare six features of the Huebsch Washer Extractor to the Dexter Washer Extractor for your laundromat.

  1. Vending:
    Dexter Laundry Equipment has only one low feature control on their washers. The Dexter control offers little flexibility for the owners to enhance their revenue with vend pricing. With 2 coin values and 6 cycle prices that include a base cycle, warm and hot water adder and a plus cycle adder, are the only options laundry owners can program vend pricing.

    In comparison, Huebsch offers 2 highly flexible and fully programmable controls. On the Galaxy 600 control, you will find 24 cycle prices that include pricing for cycle and water temperatures. Huebsch also has special vend options that offer 2 time of day and 2 cycle modifiers for even more revenue enhancing features.

    Even Huebsch lower end Galaxy 400 control has more options then the Dexter control.

  2. Cycle Programming:
    Laundry owners find utility cost and energy usage a top priority as well. Dexter Laundry Equipment has little to no cycle programming capabilities and owners are often forced to use the default setting. On the Dexter model, there are 4 baths with Time, Spin Time and Fill Time (optional).

    Huebsch cycle programming has endless possibilities for owners who want to be in control of their machines water and energy consumption. On the Huebsch model, there are 8 baths with Time, Spin Time, Water Levels, Agitate Types, Extract Speeds and Dispenser/chemical injection. For example, will 30 programmable water levels you can modify a machines water usage and ultimately save money on your utility costs.

  3. Water Usage:
    Dexter has moved to a completely sump less design and claim the lack of sump makes their washers more energy efficient. However, without a cylinder sump soapsuds and water can hang up in the cylinder during drain and extract, leading to poor rinsing.

    Huebsch models use 11% less water than previous two speed models. This is made possible, by Huebsch newly redesigned sump system which minimizes the amount of excess non wash water below the wash cylinder while assuring maximum cleaning and customer satisfaction. Comparing both the Dexter and Huebsch model, Huebsch machines have just 1.3 gallons below the wash basket compared to Dexter's 1.7 gallons.

  4. Machine Frames:
    Dexter's frame is welded and bolted angle iron. When these machines go into high speed extract, all of these bolts will eventually work themselves loose and the machine will rattle.

    Huebsch has a box channel frame that is manufactured with plate steel that is robotically modeled together. This insures quality manufacturing that is repeatable and consistent in every Huebsch frame. The frame has been designed to absorb and efficiently distribute the forces created in commercial laundry equipment. It allows for a smooth and quiet wash and extract on every load even those destined to cause out of balance issues.

  5. Cylinder Capacity:
    End users of laundry equipment want to get more done in less time. Huebsch equipment can meet this demand. When a Huebsch wash cylinder is compared to a Dexter wash cylinder, Huebsch machine capacity is as much as 8% larger than Dexter. Larger wash capacity means both owners and customers get their money's worth with Huebsch Machines with eBoost.

  6. Compartment Dispenser:
    Another convenience on Huebsch machines are the 4-compartment fill and forget supply dispenser. It allows users to add all of their detergent, bleach and softener prior to starting a cycle. They will not need to wait by each machine to add the proper laundry chemicals at the correct time. Instead, the supply dispenser will flush the department using one of four appropriate flush hoses. The supply dispenser flushing is fully programmable so the controls knows when to flush and which compartment to flush.

    Dexter Models only offer a 3-compartment dispenser with only 2 flush hoses. This may require customers to add laundry chemicals in the middle of the cycle.

To recap, we are now going to look at each feature we covered to see which machine has the advantage.

  • Huebsch vending capabilities far outweigh those of Dexter. The same is true for cycle programming; 30 programmable water levels, agitate times and several extract speed settings let owners control and manage every aspect of their business.
  • Dexter controls offer little to no cycle programming giving the store owner less say in how their business is run. Huebsch equipment uses much less water than previous models; 11% less water to be exact. Huebsch new machine frames are made with plate steel that is robotically welded together. The frames allow for a smooth and quiet wash and extract one very load. Finally, Huebsch offers larger cylinder capacities for comparable models. Some models as much as an 8% increase.

This is why for profitability, reliability and ease of use Huebsch is the answer. We are a distributer of Huebsch Laundry Equipment in Florida, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, South America and other export markets. Request a Quote Today.