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Lease Commercial Laundry Equipment

May 06, 2021

Convenience, savings, and outstanding service is what sets our laundry rooms apart.

Learn why you should lease commercial laundry equipment from Aaxon Laundry Systems.

When you lease commercial laundry equipment from Aaxon, you enjoy many benefits and the advantage of an updated laundry room facility for your multi-housing property equipped with new energy-efficient, Energy- Star washers and dryers.

  1. Capital Conservation
    Leasing commercial laundry equipment allows you to equip your laundry rooms with no cash outlay or up-front costs. Buying equipment may require borrowing or using funds that could be better allocated for property improvements. Get more or higher- quality equipment when you lease commercial laundry equipment vs. buying.

  2. Predictable Payments
    With traditional revenue sharing options, Aaxon is responsible for secure collections and payment of your percentage of revenue. When you lease commercial laundry equipment from Aaxon, this eliminates your need to empty machines, process and count coins, and take multiple trips to the bank for deposits.

  3. Cost Effective
    Owning laundry equipment is costly. Unexpected breakdowns, repairs and maintenance can burden your budget and prevent you from realizing property-improvement projects. When leasing commercial laundry equipment from Aaxon, we maintain and repair the equipment for a cost effective solution.

  4. Service Calls
    When you lease commercial laundry equipment from Aaxon there are many advantages, like not having to worry about service calls and concerns. Aaxon will post laundry room signage with instructions to contact us online or by phone. All service calls are routinely responded to within 24 hours.

Aaxon laundry rooms offer the utmost in convenience with coin and card operated laundry equipment, leading edge laundry amenities, sophisticated energy efficient washers and dryers, and highest quality service for your multi-housing laundry room for your apartment or condominium.

We are the preferred choice of property managers and real estate management companies. Aaxon serves thousands of multi-housing locations, including apartments, residence halls, condominiums, cooperatives, hotels, motels, military installations, colleges, campgrounds, RV parks, senior citizen residences, truck stops and marinas.

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