Life After Law Enforcement in Florida

May 06, 2021

Life after law enforcement in Florida means different things for different people. Law enforcement is not a job or career, it is a way of life.

Learn why a business venture in the laundry industry may be right for you.

The training and experience you received in your many years of service as a police officer translates easily into many other career opportunities after you have hung up your badge.Those same skill sets that you learned on the force can easily be applied to many entrepreneurial opportunities. Your excellent people and management skills can help to launch you into one of the most popular and profitable industries in the country.

The $5 billion annual Laundromat industry sales could effortlessly allow you to live a much more relaxed lifestyle while offering you an investment opportunity with a very high rate of return on your hard earned savings.

Here is a look at an exciting job opportunity for officers who've served their time and are now looking for post law enforcement jobs.

The modern, state of the art coin laundry/laundromat offers its customers; comfort, entertainment, high tech computerized equipment in a comfortable, clean and friendly environment. For the owner, it's an opportunity to mingle with hundreds of repeat customers, manage few employees, and enjoy the income and benefits of an easy to operate business.

These modern stores can be viewed by their owners at home on internet video cameras, as well as keeping a close eye on the daily operation of machines as well as counter sales. The owners of these stores can either be active in the day to day operation or can take advantage of free time as well with well trained and responsible employees who take care of both the customers and the pleasant appearance of your business. These benefits make it a very attractive investment to consider.

I am sure you are now asking yourself, "Why a coin laundry? What makes it one of the best post law enforcement jobs? I just came from a career working for the city or state and have always had the security of a paycheck and never had to contend with business." It's simple really.

It can provide you with financial security, a strong return on investment and freedom.

Unlike investing in a 401(k) or in real estate, the coin laundry industry is going to be continuously solid. After all, people need clean clothes. Even during an economic downturn, coin laundries are still thriving and generally recession- resistant. With repeat business, low labor costs and an all cash business, there is a high return on investment in this career.

  • Wouldn't it be great to have the flexibility to enjoy the life you want?
  • Wouldn't it be great to have flexibility to take vacations when you wished?
  • Wouldn't it be great to get enough sleep during the day and not work during non-daytime hours?

By owning and operating a coin laundry, you also have the freedom of TIME.

Here are some short answers to the most common questions asked about a laundromat investment.

  1. Once you open a laundry, do they pretty much run themselves?

Definitely not- however, time required by the owner may be as little as four-five hours per week.

  1. How much of my time does a coin laundry require?

Unlike many other businesses, a coin laundry is not a 90 hour per week job. At a minimum, the owner needs to spend time collecting the money and paying the bills. But like anything we do, what you put into it will determine what you get out of it. But it is definitely not a major commitment of personal hours.

  1. How much does it cost to open a laundry?

There is no single answer of course. This will depend on the size of the location, equipment mix, how much construction work is involved, cost of lease, etc.

  1. How much money do I need?

The answer depends on the size and cost to build your new coin laundry. Typically the investor will put about 30% into the initial costs of construction and equipment and finance the balance.

If you still aren't fully convinced that a laundromat is right for you here are some additional benefits that a laundromat offers:

  • Great potential ROI of 25-35%
  • Cash Business
  • Payment upfront before service
  • Off-site management- you determine your own level of involvement

If you are looking for an exciting life after law enforcement, the laundromat business may be the answer! With Aaxon's 40 year experience, superior market knowledge, wide variety of services and reliable state of the art commercial laundry equipment, we have all the tools available to assist you in opening a coin laundry, as a retirement investment.

To learn more about a laundromat investment with Aaxon, you can request a personal meeting with one of our experienced consultants to explain in detail what this investment is all about and to answer any all of your questions. We look forward to helping you move into the next phase of your life.

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