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Quantum Controls with Wash Alert for your Multi-Housing Laundry Facility

May 06, 2021

Speed Queen world-class laundry equipment and Aaxon Laundry Systems provide the ideal laundry solution for condos, apartments, colleges, universities, and military bases.

With some of the most advanced laundry equipment technology in the industry, Speed Queen offers a variety
of ground-breaking control options to suit your unique needs. From their revolutionary Quantum® Controls to their
WashAlert™ with Service Alert system.

WashAlert™ with Service Alert System

Enhanced Networking Systems
  • Allows your laundry room to be networked to a website or property cable channel, giving residents the ability to remotely check machine availability and remaining cycle times for maximum convenience.
Text or Email Notifications
  • Provides convenient text or email notifications to residents when a cycle is complete or when a machine isavailable.
Service Alerts
  • Alerts the Laundry Service Provider (LSP) with real-time information on everything you need to know about your laundry room operation. From vend errors and auto restarting that let you know when a machine needs servicing, Service Alert reduces downtime and ensures that your laundry room is operating at peak efficiency.
Maximize Service Offerings
  • Speed Queen's WashAlert with Service Alert System provides an enhanced solution for your multi-housing facility. Its technology offers remote laundry room machine availability, making it easier for residents to do laundry, while giving the resident automated updates about your laundry-room operation in real-time.
  • Residents can go online or check their local property channel to see when a washer or dryer is available. They also have the convenience of being able to easily check the status of their laundry over their apartment's cable television channel or website, and can get a text or email when their laundry is done.

Quantum® Controls

  • Quantum controls offer an easy-to-read digital display with LED lights, a touchpad selector and a wash cycle countdown that allows residents to conveniently see how their load is progressing and helps increase machine availability.
Premium Cycles
  • Gives your residents the option to choose up to 27 cycle combinations to provide the proper temperature and soil level selection for maximum efficiency and user preference.
Soil Selection
  • Allows your residents to choose the perfect cycles for soil level of their laundry.
Top-Off Dryer Time
  • Gives residents the option to purchase additional time before the initial dryer cycle has been completed.

Aaxon Laundry Systems is a distributor of Speed Queen commercial multi-housing laundry equipment in Florida. Aaxon multi-housing laundry rooms offer the utmost in convenience with coin and card operated laundry equipment, leading edge laundry amenities, sophisticated coin and card operated washers and dryers, and highest quality service for your multi-housing laundry room for your apartment or condominium.

We are the preferred choice of property managers and real estate management companies for multi-housing laundry equipment. Aaxon serves thousands of multi-housing locations, including apartments, residence halls, condominiums, cooperatives, hotels, motels, military installations, colleges, campgrounds, RV parks, senior citizen residences, truck stops and marinas.

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