Speed Queen Dryer with Quantum Controls

May 06, 2021

Every dryer is made to dry your clothes but only one is designed for optimal efficiency, convenience, and performance.

Speed Queen's dryer top of the line Quantum controls allow you customize each cycle to meet your exact needs saving time and delivering better results.

Not only that but optimizing each load is unbelievable easy.

Check the Upfront Lint Filer

Empty it if necessary. A lint filter that is to full will prevent air from circulating significantly increasing the length of time it takes your clothes to dry.

Load your Laundry

Speed Queen dryers are designed to fit the same size load that was just washed in your Speed Queen washer. Do not attempt to dry more than one load at a time. Overloading the Speed Queen dryer can slow drying and may cause excessive wrinkling. Once the dryer is loaded and securely closed you can move on to the next step.

Select Temperature

Choose the proper temperature for the load. Select high, medium, low, or delicates as appropriate and no heat when only tumble is needed. Next insert your coin or card payment and press the start button.

The dryer can be stopped at any time by simply opening the door. To restart the dryer, close the door and press start. Also for your convenience, you can purchase additional drying time before the cycle is complete. This top off feature is ideal for clothes and heavy towels that retain more moisture than other items.

Now that you know everything there is to know about optimizing your laundry, all that is left is to enjoy the unmatched drying results delivered by Speed Queen dryer with Quantum controls.

For more information on our Speed Queen dryer for your apartment or condominium, Request a Quote today! If you liked this blog and want to read something similar, click the links for the Speed Queen Top Load Washer and Speed Queen Front Load Washer.