Speed Queen Front Load Washer with Quantum Controls

May 06, 2021

This blog will provide property managers and owners some information on how to use the Speed Queen front load washer with Quantum controls.

Did you know there is only one right way to do laundry?

It starts with making sure that you have the unmatched performance and convenience of Speed Queen front load washers with quantum controls for your apartment or condominiums common area laundry rooms. Once you have that, getting the best wash out of every load is EASY!

Start with the basics
  1. Sort: Sort your laundry into whites, colors, and delicate.
  2. Detergent: Add your high efficiency HE liquid detergent to the Speed Queen front load washer. I recommend using a quarter of a cup or less. But be sure to check the label for suggested amounts and usage instructions. Too much detergent can cause over-sudsing, which can result in excess residue on your clothes and linens.
    • If desired, now is the time to add fabric softener and/or bleach into the proper dispensing compartments. Again, check the product label for recommended amounts and usage.
  3. Load: Now you can load your laundry! For best wash results, be sure not to overload the Speed Queen front load washer. Overloading decreases the wash loads ability to tumble, reducing the amount of clothing that detergent can reach and preventing optimal cleanliness. Loosely load your items into the tub and securely clothes the door. Now it's time to take advantage of unmatched Speed Queen convenience.
  4. Optimize: It's time to optimize. Speed Queen's front load washer with top of the line Quantum controls gives you options that make it easy to get the best wash in every load. First, select the fabric appropriate for the load; either normal, perm press, or delicate. Next, select hot, warm or cold water temperature. Here is where we take your wash load to a whole new level of clean with Speed convenient soil selectors.

This option allows you to customize each load according to how dirty your items are. For the best possible wash on noticeable dirty items, choose Speed Queens premium heavy soil option. This dirt destroying cycle delivers a prewash, wash and three rinses for optimal laundry results.

If your clothes are only moderately dirty, Speed Queen front load washers also offers a medium soil option consisting of normal wash and three rinses.

The light soil option provides an express wash and two rinses for an effective clean on lightly soiled items.

Once you have chosen the ideal wash for your needs, all that is left is for your resident to insert their card or coin payment, check to make sure that the door lock light is on, press the start button and enjoy the saved time and cleaner laundry that comes with the Speed Queen front load washer with Quantum controls for an optimized wash!

For more information on our Speed Queen front load washers for your apartment or condominium, Request a Quote today! If you liked this blog and want to read something similar, click the links for the Speed Queen Top Load Washer and Speed Queen Dryer.