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Speed Queen Top Load Washer vs. The Maytag Top Load Washer

May 06, 2021

A comprehensive comparison of the Speed Queen Top Load Washer vs. the Maytag Top Load Washer

Read on to learn more about the similarities and differences between the two machines.

The fact that you are reading this article means you are either well into the process of finding the right laundry machine for your Apartment or Condominium Community, or you have just begun. Either way, you will find this article very informative.

We will provide you with a Speed Queen top load washer review and a Maytag top load washer review for your apartment or condominium. Below you will find the similarities of both machines as well as the differences.

First we will start with the similarities of the Speed Queen top load washer and the Maytag top load washer.

Wash Tub Size

Both the Speed Queen and Maytag top load washers have a significant depth and height capacity in the wash tub making both attractive to your residents. The bigger the tub, the fewer number of cycles your residents will need to complete their laundry. In addition, less loads means less time they will spend in the laundry room, as well as utility savings with less usage of energy and water for increased savings for the apartment or condominium community.

Micro Display Controls vs Accu Trac

Offering the most essential features and programming options, the Micro-Display Control (MDC) on Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers are user friendly and feature a bright and attractive, easy-to-read design. The display includes a coin countdown start function, touch pad controls, sound and light cycle indicators, activation options, with manual programming and audit abilities. The MDC washer is designed with specific features to reduce water and energy consumption. The attractive, sleek controls will brighten up any laundry room and residents will find the laundry process a breeze with, the easy-to-use Micro-Display Control.

The Maytag washer uses Accu Trac advanced management and auditing software. It uses a Personal Data Assistant (PDA) to communicate with the microprocessor controls, so you can set up, monitor and audit the equipment in seconds. Using a PDA compatible with the Palm OS operating system, the Maytag Accu Trac system communicates with the microprocessor controls on Maytag Commercial washers and dryers.

After the PDA with Accu Trac has collected data, it can be downloaded to a Windows-compatible host computer via cable or phone modem. Accu Trac's advanced data management software compiles the information into accurate, easy-to-read reports that allow monitoring of all aspects of machine activity from service needs to collection shortages. This system is more compatible with a commercial self-service coin laundry than with Multi-Residential applications.

Inside of Machine - Stainless vs Porcelain

The Speed Queen top load washer is constructed from heavy-duty components, including a stainless steel washtub, all metal transmission and a commercial grade cabinet finish to ensure an extended commercial life. A durable stainless steel washtub keeps your clothes looking their best longer. Speed Queen's exclusive stainless steel tub actually becomes smoother with each use, so it won't pill, snag or fray clothes.

At 710 RPM, the top loader's spin speed ranks among the highest in the industry. Thus, less moisture is left in loads compared to competitive models. That translates into reduced drying time and leaves your laundry facility better prepared to handle high turn volumes during peak period.

The Maytag top load washer is constructed with a porcelain wash tub and plastic/metal transmissions. Over time the porcelain enamel may chip or wear away, exposing the tub to rust which can cause clothes to stain or tear. At 618 RPM, the top loader's spin is slower than the Speed Queen, removing less water from the clothes, which makes the drying time longer.

Water and Energy Consumption

The Speed Queen Top Load Washer uses a low of 22.8 gallons of water per cycle. Along with its low water usage, this Speed Queen washer has a moisture spin-out performance of 75.2%. The Speed Queen Washer spin-out performance is an industry best.

The combination of less water usage and a low moisture spin-out ratio allows the clothes to dry faster, reducing the time in the laundry room for residents. Speed Queen's top loaders are compliant to the 2007 U.S. Department of Energy's water and energy efficiency standards for commercial washers. Property owners benefit from significant savings in water and energy costs.

The Maytag Top Load Washer uses 31.5 gallons per cycle and has a spin-out performance of 82.1%. Most high efficiency washers use only 15 to 30 gallons of water to wash the same amount of clothes as old washers (29 to 45 gallons per load). Replacing old and inefficient washers can reduce this water use by more than 6,000 gallons per year, save energy, clean the clothes better, and reduce fabric wear. The higher the spin-out performance percentage, the more water is left in the clothes load after spin-out. The longer drying time may be an issue for your residents and a longer drying time increases the cost of energy.

Well there you have it, the Speed Queen top load washer review and the maytag top load washer review. We hope you've found this article informative.

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