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The Hidden Benefits of the Common Area Laundry Room

May 06, 2021

Did you know a Multi-Housing property with a common area laundry room provides hidden benefits? The humble laundry room can reduce traffic and carbon emissions, enhance safety and security, and save relationships.

So, how does your property's laundry room do all these things?

Reduced Traffic

When a property does not have a laundry room, residents have to drive to a nearby laundromat. All that driving increases traffic. It also puts wear and tear on your resident's vehicles. How many pre-mature oil changes and brake jobs are caused by the need to wash clothes? Not to mention a few fender benders and rear end collisions. When a property does have a laundry room, residents can walk to it. The result? Less traffic, less aggravation, and good cardio training!

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Well, along with less vehicles on the road comes the benefit of less carbon emissions. Tail pipes do not spit out carbon monoxide when the vehicle is not running. Valet grocery service will drive down carbon emissions even more, but let's just start with the laundry.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Less vehicle traffic means less coming and going from your property. Less vehicle traffic may also reduce the risk of a pedestrian being hit. This is especially true of children who may be playing in parking areas and roadways. The reduction of overall vehicle traffic increases the perception of well-being on your property. If your property is gated, security is enhanced because there are less gate openings and closings.

Saved Relationships

Consider how frustrating it is when the kids are down to their last pair of socks, and they have school tomorrow. An argument as to who is going to drive to the laundromat is avoided. Who knew that a laundry room can bring domestic peace and tranquility?

Think different about your common area laundry room. It provides more benefits than just washing clothes. It is good for the environment, resident and public safety, as well as reducing stress.

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Written by Bill Brown