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The Importance of Retooling your Laundry

May 06, 2021

If you are the owner of a laundromat, it is essential to retool your laundry when needed to keep customers satisfied and maintain a profitable laundry space.

No one likes an "Out of Order" sign on a machine, it creates stress and distaste to the customer and will drive them elsewhere to do their laundry. Not to mention, it adds a "neglected" feel to the overall presentation of your laundromat.

Read more to discover the powerful benefits in retooling your laundry room.

Overall Machine Appearance
Besides the obvious signs your washer-extractors or dryers need replacement like reoccurring functioning issues, don't forget overall presentation of the machines is important too. Worn out, dinged machines are not attractive to laundry-goers and will steer them away from using them.

Can you blame someone for not wanting to wash their nice dress clothes in a washer with loose knobs, a scuffed drum and a faded control panel? Take note, this may be the very reason your customers are now visiting the competition up the street. Clean, well-maintained laundry equipment shows the customer you care and keeps them coming back every week.

Perks of Modern Energy-Efficient Laundry Machines
Equipping your laundry with new, energy-efficient washers and dryers not only lowers the energy bill, but also attracts customers in and increases the value of your laundry. The new energy-efficient equipment causes higher profits per wash than the old equipment all while using less energy- creating a win-win situation. Modern equipment is also more appealing to customers than an outdated machine and as mentioned above, this is an important factor in customer retention.

Vending Machines, VTMs and ATMs
Let's not neglect the other laundry equipment in the room- the detergent vending machines, value transfer machines (VTM) and the ATM. It is just as essential these tools are working properly as the washers and tumblers. Customers who prefer to purchase detergent on the spot should be able to do so at the vending machine in your laundry without having to face the inconvenience of leaving to a store.

The same applies to the VTM and ATM, do not drive customers out of your laundry by a malfunctioning money machine- they may not come back! Each laundry customer is different, with their preferred way of paying for the machine and purchasing laundry supplies. It is critical to be mindful of this and always have properly functioning tools and equipment in your laundry.

If you are interested in learning more about retooling your laundry, request a quote today.

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