Candice Perilstein, Hot Yoga Barkan Method

Hot Yoga Barkan Method located in Boca Raton contacted Aaxon Laundry Systems for a laundry room upgrade.

They purchased a Huebsch Commercial Stack Washer/ Dryer for their laundry room. Candice Perilstein, Hot Yoga Barkan Method Studio Manager, along with George Lo Verde, Aaxon Consultant, worked very closely to get this project completed.

"I like the settings on the new machines, the amount they can hold and how clean the towels are when they come out. The machines are much more efficient and take up a smaller amount of space than the ones we had before.He did a lot of the work on-site and was always quick to respond when we needed something."

"We do a lot of laundry at the yoga studio and now with the new machines the process is much easier and more pleasant for me and everyone at the studio!"- Candice Perilstein, Studio Manager, Hot Yoga Barkan Method.

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