Chris Williams, Loads of Clothes, Davie, FL

Before Getting into the Laundry Business...
Williams was a TV news producer.

Store Opening:
December 1, 2017

Business Hours:
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Two full-time attendants and two part-time employees

Total Square Footage:
1,800 square feet

Parking Availability:
Large shopping center parking lot.

Lease or Own?
Williams leases his store's location.

The Building:
The site of Loads of Clothes was previously an older, outdated laundry. Williams and Aaxon Consultant, Frank P. D'Annunzio, redeveloped the laundry into the modern facility it is today.

Marketplace Demographics:
The laundry is located in an extremely diverse area made up of multiple ethnicities as well as low and middle-income households.

There are two other laundromats within a two-mile radius.

Payment Options:
Coin for laundry machines, credit card for Wash/Dry/Fold and for over-the-counter soap sales.

Washers and Dryers:

Four 40lb Huebsch washers
Two 60lb Huebsch washers
Four 30lb Huebsch washers
Six 20lb Huebsch washers
Six Horizons
Three Stack 45lb Huebsch dryers
Ten Stack 30lb Huebsch dryers

Water Heating System:
Tankless water heating system

Laundry Carts:
Nine R&B Wire Products laundry carts

Folding Tables:
Solomatic folding tables

Brand-new tile flooring

LED lighting

Soap Vending:
Variety of soap sold over-the-counter

Additional Amenities:
Lounge seating

Wash-Dry-Fold Service:
Available 24/7

Drop-Off Drycleaning Service:
Dry-cleaning available

Aaxon Laundry Systems
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
(954) 772-7100

Project Consultant:
Frank P. D'Annunzio