Commercial Washer-Extractors

Vended Galaxy 600

We are proud to serve the state of Florida for all your commercial laundry equipment needs. Some cities in our territory include Miami, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Tampa, Port St. Lucie, Cape Coral, Clearwater, Lakeland, Daytona, Tallahassee.

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Vended Galaxy™ 600

Huebsch's Galaxy line of commercial washer-extractors with eBoost takes quality and reliable performance to new heights. eBoost is a revolutionary technology that greatly increases efficiency. More durable than ever, it will reduce your utility expenses and will provide a better laundry experience for your customers. For profitability, reliability, and ease of use, Huebsch commercial laundry equipment is the answer.

Available in 20, 30, 40, 60 and 80 lb capacities, Huebsch's washer-extractors with eBoost are built for maximum performance.

Product Features Include: Multi-level pricing and time-of-day pricing maximize revenue.

Some controls assist you in owning a laundry. Galaxy 600 and its features help you run and manage your laundry. Multi-level pricing enables you to increase profitability, while time-of day pricing helps your laundry increase turns during slow times, ultimately assisting you in better managing your laundry. When combined with card payment systems, Galaxy 600 lets you ease customers into vend increases by pennies eliminating sticker shock.

Multiple water levels deliver major savings.

With the Galaxy 600 control, Huebsch commercial laundry equipment gives you the power to set water levels to conserve this precious (and often expensive) resource. While many competing models offer just three water levels to choose from, we give you 30. Savings can be as great as 55% compared to older fixed-cycle models.

High-speed extraction reduces drying time.

At 200 G-Force and 24 cycle selections, this commercial washer-extractor removes more water — as much as a ½ gallon in a 30 lb washer —than many competing models. That means reduced drying time and lower gas consumption for your laundry ... did we mention improved profitability?

Advanced leak detection eliminates wasted water.

We've answered owners' calls to help eliminate the issue of stuck drain valves with our advanced leak detection. Our control has a display indicator to let you know if a valve is stuck. No more wasted resources... or money.

Extra wash and rinse keys enhance profitability.

These options enable customers to tailor wash cycles, and their premium vend prices offer extra profit opportunities for your store.

Infrared communication means fast and easy changes to programs.

Owners can easily program their machines and retrieve data through a PDA or laptop PC. Easy programming and information retrieval gives you the tools to save time and maximize profits. In the past, programming 10 machines could take as long as an hour. With Galaxy's infrared communication port, owners can accomplish the task in less than 10 minutes.

Additional Product Features Include:

  • Proprietary inverter drive technology provides smooth, reliable power for better wash and extraction performance.
  • Improved cylinder/sump system design optimizes water use for maximum cleaning power and customer satisfaction while reducing non-wash water below the cylinder.
  • Computer-optimized frames are stronger, quieter and vibrate less.
  • Seals and bearings are designed with optimal corrosion resistance, seven times the water protection and premium heat and wear protection.