Golden Lakes Village Condo, West Palm Beach

Golden Lakes Village Condominium is a beautiful private development in West Palm Beach that was unfortunately very dissatisfied with their previous laundry provider, due to poor service and ongoing machine malfunctions.

Aaxon Laundry Systems was approached to develop and implement a Laundry Facility Program to maximize both revenue and resident satisfaction, while reducing water, sewer, and energy costs.

Aaxon began by replacing their current coin operated machines with Energy Efficient Speed Queen Commercial Washers and Dryers equipped with SmartCard Technology in their 18 laundry rooms, which service over 300 residents.

Along with the laundry equipment, Village Condo was also provided with a Classic Cash to Card Revalue Station which was conveniently installed outside of their centrally located Club House.

Each resident received a SmartCard, which looks exactly like a credit card, but instead of a magnetic strip on the back, it has a secure miniature computer chip embedded on the front. The residents can easily transfer a monetary value onto their SmartCard at the Revalue Station and use their SmartCard to activate the laundry equipment instead of quarters, adding tremendous convenience for the residents and 100% accountability for Management.

The residents of Village Condo were not familiar with the Classic Cash to Card Payment Technology or the new equipment, so they were invited to an Aaxon Laundry Systems Welcome Party.

The party was held at the Village Condo Club House, where the new system would be explained by Sergio Bocanegra, Account Executive and Lori Maron, Route Coordinator.

Residents gathered to enjoy appetizers and beverages and to receive their new Aaxon SmartCards/ complimentary gift bags.The residents were impressed to see an Aaxon Representative explaining how to use the Revalue Station outside and another Representative inside, handing out their new SmartCards and answering machine usage questions. Many residents commented on the ease of using their new SmartCard Payment System and on the quality of the newly installed laundry machines.

This is a prime example of Aaxon's customer satisfaction, which allows us to cultivate long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, while providing laundry solutions that lead the industry!

Aaxon is pleased to welcome Village Condominium as an Aaxon Laundry Partner.

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