Phil Kodroff, laundromart, Hollywood, FL.

Phil Kodroff, laundromart, Hollywood, FL.

Before Getting into the Laundry Business...
Kodroff was a corporate executive in the fashion industry.

Store Opening:
April 20, 2016

Business Hours:
24 hours a day. The laundry is open every day, except for Christmas Day.

Three full-time attendants and four part-time employees

Total Square Footage:
6,162 square feet

Parking Availability:
There are 35 parking spaces in a private lot. The store has two entrances - one from the rear parking area and one from the side parking area.

Lease or Own?
Kodroff leases his store's location. The lease agreement is for 10 years, with three five-year options.

The Building:
The store was originally a Sizzler steakhouse, which was turned into a self-service laundry by a previous owner. However, the facility eventually devolved into a rundown laundromat. At this point, Aaxon Laundry Systems, over the course of eight months, designed and rebuilt the store into a modern, upscale vended laundry.

Today, Laundromart features a bright, comfortable décor - with a separate lounge area that includes a number of table-and-chair seating units; 60-inch televisions; vended food, snacks and beverages; and video/arcade games.

Turns Per Day:
3.5 - with that number steadily increasing since the laundry's grand opening last September.

Utility Costs:
Utility costs represent 23 percent of the laundry's gross sales.

Marketplace Demographics:
The laundry is located in a strong rental area, with mid- to low-income residents.

There are four other vended laundry competitors in the marketplace.

Payment Options:
Laundromart is a smartcard-operated store, which accepts credit/debit cards, EBT cards and cash to load the smartcard.

Washers and Dryers:
10 Huebsch Horizon 20-pound frontloaders, $1.95
10 Huebsch Galaxy 20-pound frontloaders, $2.75
10 Huebsch Galaxy 30-pound frontloaders, $3.75
10 Huebsch Galaxy 40-pound frontloaders, $4.75
7 Huebsch Galaxy 60-pound frontloaders, $5.75
2 Huebsch Galaxy 80-pound frontloaders, $7.75
40 Huebsch 30-pound stack dryers, 25 cents for eight minutes
8 Huebsch 45-pound stack dryers, 25 cents for six minutes
2 Huebsch 75 pound dryers, 50 cents for eight minutes

Water Heating System:
3 Takagi instant hot water heaters

Card System:
ESD card system

Laundry Carts:
20 R&B Wire Products laundry carts

Folding Tables:
10 Solomatic six-foot folding tables

Wood-plank-style porcelain tiles

LED lighting

Soap Vending:
1 Vend-Rite Manufacturing upright, glass display window, card-operated detergent vending machine, prices range from 75 cents to $7.50

Beverage Vending:
2 rented beverage vending machines, prices range from $1.00 to $2.00

Snack Vending:
2 rented snack vending machines - one includes dry snacks, and the other has ice cream

4 60-inch televisions

Arcade/Video Games:
1 Pac-Man video game
1 Prize Cube redemption game
1 Star Wars video game

Children's Play Area:
The laundry features a 1,150-square-foot area located at the rear of the store with comfortable tables and chairs, arcade games and snack machines.

Additional Amenities:
• Free Wi-Fi access
• In-store music streaming
• Outdoor seating

Wash-Dry-Fold Service:
The store's Regular Service is 99 cents per pound, and the Premium Service - which includes ironing - is $1.50 per pound. Both services require a 10-pound minimum. The per-piece service has a five-item minimum.

Drop-Off Drycleaning Service:
Prices range from $1.89 to $9.99, depending on types of items.

Aaxon Laundry Systems
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
954) 772-7100

Project Consultant:
Arthur Lapon