Commercial Laundry Equipment for Restaurants

With Huebsch® commercial and light commercial laundry equipment for your restaurant, you will see maximized throughput and minimized cost on your linen cleaning.

Restaurants share one common fact: they all have to be very clean.

No matter what shape, size, color, and purpose, restaurant linens have to look, smell and feel clean at all times, in all occasions and our commercial laundry equipment can do that for you. The condition of the tablecloths reflects the overall upkeep of the restaurant in so many ways.

That is why it is as important for restaurant owners to ensure that their linens are as clean as their food is delicious.

We provide washers and dryers for restaurants in the state of Florida, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, South America, Central America and other export markets.

Browse our selection of light commercial washers and dryers or commercial washers and dryers for your restaurant.

Huebsch® Commercial washers and dryers are the answer for your Restaurant domestic or export needs

    Easy-to-use Controls

    For a staff that is primarily part-time employees, our easy-to-use controls make consistent, repeatable laundry cycles as easy as pushing a button.

    Maximize our Cleaning Power

    With limited space available for laundry equipment, many restaurants find themselves stuck with washers and dryers that do not offer adequate cleaning power. That's when you can turn to Huebsch® commercial laundry equipment for solutions that offer powerful cleaning.

    Quality of Permanence and Strength in our Services

    In an industry where laundry downtime is not an option, you can rely on our unmatched durability.

    Control Your Laundry 

    Your linen service may be convenient, but Huebsch® commercial laundry equipment for your restaurant can give you total control of your laundry, providing all the tools to achieve a high level of cleanliness without paying the high expenses of a contracted laundry.

    Save Labor and Energy Costs with Flatwork Ironer/Finishers

    Huebsch® heated roll ironers are built to meet the needs of your restaurant. Easy to operate, heated roll ironers will save you in labor and energy costs, and their smart design is a space saver as well. They are designed to boost the efficiency of and productivity of your restaurant care.