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Commercial Laundry Equipment for a Spa or Salon

With Huebsch® light commercial laundry equipment for your salon or spa, you will see attractive cycling control selections and extra-large capacity for your salon or spa cleaning operations. Running a salon or spa takes a lot of laundry. Towels will be the major laundry component in both spas and salons. The two, however, may see very different volumes and have space limitations to house a laundry.

For a staff that needs to process laundry in as little time as possible, our equipment has easy-to-use- controls making the laundry cycle as easy as pushing a button.

Many salons and spas turn to Huebsch® laundry equipment and Aaxon for our high level of flexibility to set wash and dry cycles to meet your special care domestic and export needs. In addition, stack units can be an answer to the space crunch some salons are faced with. Soft, fluffy spa towels and robes are key elements to the luxurious spa experience and programmable washer-extractors help managers keep the high quality required.

Huebsch® laundry machines also attain high extract speeds to remove more water from larger loads and cut drying time, resulting in improved throughput.

Aaxon offers a variety of durable light commercial and commercial- grade washers and dryers for your salon or spa. Huebsch® laundry machines add unmatched efficiency to industry- leading quality and durability with innovative energy- savings and water- reducing features.

We provide washers and dryers for spas or salons in the state of Florida, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, South America, Central America and other export markets.

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