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The Advantages of Leasing Commercial Laundry Equipment

May 06, 2021

By SFPMA member

As a multi-housing property manager or association president, you may ask yourself, "Should I lease or buy commercial laundry equipment for my laundry room?"

There are many benefits of leasing laundry equipment for your apartment or condo community, including but not limited to access to the best machines without the budget restrictions of purchasing, free machine installation as well as expert maintenance services for the life of the lease.

Aaxon Laundry Systems is a leading commercial laundry distributor specializing in creating customized multi-housing laundry equipment leases for all properties. Our multi-housing experts guide you through the process of choosing the most favorable lease terms fit for your community and remain on-call if any issues with the machines should arise. Not to mention, Aaxon will beautify and brighten your laundry room at no extra cost! This may include fresh wall paint, new washer and water valves, electrical outlets and ongoing dryer vent cleaning.

Revenue-Sharing Plans for Qualified Properties
Aaxon Laundry Systems offers revenue-sharing leasing plans providing an income stream for qualified properties. We deliver and install brand new machines for FREE, as well as remove your current old equipment. Interested in implanting new SmartCard Technology into your laundry room? No problem, Aaxon covers the costs for the SmartCard Technology equipment and you reap the benefits of no more coins and total revenue accuracy and accountability.

No Maintenance Worries or Collections Hassles
Aaxon's certified technicians will be available on-call to service your laundry equipment for the entire duration of the lease. That's right, call it your community's own dependable service team that will be there onsite to fix any issues with the laundry equipment including hardware problems and coin slots/card reader errors. Cost of repairs can add up and many property owners underestimate the grand total of their annual repair bill leading to frustration and budget cuts for the next year.

Another added benefit of leasing your laundry equipment with Aaxon is we cover the cost of damage claims and handle tenant problems- this includes damages to a resident's property from the machines, refund requests and service requests. By leasing your laundry equipment with Aaxon, these will all be fewer things to worry about.

Are you aware of all the difficulties of the payment collection process? With a multi-housing laundry equipment lease, you can leave the payment collection process to us. Our safe and secure payment collections process eliminates the need for you to spend hours collecting coins and analyzing funds. We have an in-house team of highly-screened professionals who count, roll and deposit coins so you don't have to, saving you time and bank deposit fees.

Zero Machine Replacement Costs
In addition to our on-call team of technicians available to fix all maintenance issues at no extra cost to you, Aaxon Laundry also provides free machine exchange if it is determined the machine cannot be repaired- no time spent shopping for new equipment required! In a high-volume laundry room, leasing equipment is a much more cost-efficient deal than outright purchasing equipment. Establishing the funds to purchase the commercial laundry equipment can take a very long time, delaying your plans and cutting budgets from other projects.

When you lease laundry equipment, you are able to set the deal for your desired laundry machines fast and without delays, keeping your tenants happy and not causing disruption with their laundry. Also, if you decide to raise or lower the vend prices for your laundry room, we can do this for you anytime at no extra cost keeping you in complete control of how your multi-housing laundry room operates.

Leasing commercial laundry equipment for your multi-housing property has many cost and time-saving advantages, allowing you to focus on the different aspects of managing your property rather than having to concentrate so heavily on one.

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