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The Benefits of Card Operated Laundry Equipment in Miami Multi-Housing Properties

May 06, 2021

By SFPMA member

The common comparison, card-operated laundry equipment versus coin-operated laundry equipment- which is best for your Miami multi-housing laundry room?

There is solid evidence why Smart Card operated laundry equipment is best in the multi-housing realm.

Miami property managers and tenants alike can experience many pros of using cashless laundry equipment, including no more counting coins which in turn eliminates accounting stresses, reduces the risk of theft by eliminating cash-filled laundry rooms, and the best of all, property managers have access to choosing the most advanced laundry equipment for residents to enjoy.

Speed Queen® Smart Card multi-housing laundry equipment is superior in both categories of performance and durability, perfect for high-volume rental properties and large condominium properties in Miami.

The following is a breakdown of the pros of switching to cashless Speed Queen® laundry systems in your Miami multi-housing property.

Eliminate Coin-Counting Stresses from Residents and Coin-Collection Hassles
In a coin-operated Miami apartment or condo, the laundry floor may be littered with dropped coins from tenants. Or worse, the underneath of the washers and dryers may be filled with loose change resulting from frustrated attempts of retrieving said coins. Your tenants become angry and upset because doing the laundry now equals losing money at the same time.

Gift your residents the joy of using card-operated Speed Queen® washers and dryers. Residents will love the convenience of inserting their Smart Card into the machine and not being limited by the number of available mix coins in their pockets. Cashless operated commercial laundry equipment is operated by Smart Cards which are then reloaded at VTM (value transfer machine) kiosks placed inside the laundry or wherever you see fit.

Reduce the Risk of Theft in Your Miami Multi-Housing Laundry Room
A cash-filled laundry machine and ATM is a tempting target for thieves. Think about it, a coin-operated laundry machine is like a big white piggy bank just waiting to be cracked open! Reduce the risk of theft and vandalism in your Miami condominium's laundry room by the eliminating the source of temptation.

Speed Queen® card-operated laundry equipment works to keep laundry rooms safe and secure by only accepting payments by Smart Card, credit or debit cards. Although VTM machines are 100% safe and secure, property managers may choose to place their building's VTM near a well-lit lobby area adjacent to the security desk for added protection.

Enjoy Advanced Technology with Smart Card-Operated Laundry Equipment
In today's world of chip readers and simplified cloud-based electronic payment processes, carrying around loose change and dollar bills has become a nuisance. Top washer and dryer manufacturers have turned away from developing new coin-operated laundry machines and now focus on the advancement of card-operated laundry equipment.

Speed Queen® manufactures world-renowned, top-rated Smart Card operated laundry equipment used in multi-housing properties across the nation. Keep your Miami condo ahead of the curve and appealing to residents and future residents by maintaining a modern card-operated laundry room.

Are you ready for a fresh, clean laundry room?
Aaxon offers affordable card-operated commercial washer and dryers for lease in Miami. We are conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale off of I-95 with quick access to the highway and to your Miami multi-housing property. Aaxon remains on-call to service your Smart Card-operated laundry equipment for the entire duration of the lease.

Aaxon's certified technicians are your Miami property's dependable service team, ready to be there onsite to correct any issues with the laundry equipment including hardware problems and card reader errors should those arise. Request a quote today!

Read more about the advantages of leasing commercial laundry equipment for your Miami property with Aaxon Laundry Systems here.

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