Theo Spyer, laundromart, Oakland Park

Aaxon Laundry Systems, based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., had the exciting opportunity to help one of its own open a South Florida laundromat.

Former Aaxon Controller, Theo Spyer, who was employed by the company from 1996 to 2006, decided to become a laundry owner after first-hand witnessing the successes of so many others.

"I chose to open a laundry because I saw the great achievements of many laundry owners while at Aaxon," says Spyer. "I chose to work with Aaxon because of how long they've successfully been in business, and the fact I was extremely familiar with their manufacturer, Alliance Laundry Systems who manufactures Huebsch laundry equipment. I chose to equip my laundry with Huebsch equipment from also seeing the success of so many before me with the brand."

Spyer did not always dream of opening a laundry, in fact, he never considered it until the opportunity perfectly presented itself due to a confluence of events in his life.

Spyer says he's not sure if he'll open more laundries but he's definitely not shutting the idea down. "It is certainly something I am considering for the future," he comments. When asked what he enjoys most about owning a laundry, Spyer remarks on how he enjoys getting to know his customers, "I sincerely enjoy providing a service to this community and speaking with my customer base."

Spyer worked with Aaxon Consultant, Arthur Lapon, who has been a Consultant at Aaxon for decades. The two were also former coworkers.

"Arthur is a long-term laundry industry veteran whose knowledge and professionalism is second to none," he adds. "I knew he would deliver the same level of concierge service to me as I watched him deliver to so many others before me."

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