Theo Spyer, laundromart, Oakland Park, FL

Before Getting into the Laundry Business...
Theo Spyer was a former Controller at a local laundry distribution company, Aaxon Laundry Systems in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Store Opening:
Late 2016

Business Hours:
24 hours/7 days a week

Two full-time attendants, five part-time attendants

Total Square Footage:
3,060 square feet

Parking Availability:
General shopping center parking lot

Lease or Own?
Theo leases his store's location.

The Building:
The store was originally an old, outdated laundromat

How long did the process take to convert the premises?
4-5 months

Turns Per Day:
Theo would rather not disclose

Utility Costs:
Utility costs represent 23 percent of the laundry's gross sales.

Marketplace Demographics:
Low-income area, majority of area citizens are White and African-American

Two laundries within a three mile radius

Payment Options:

Washers and Dryers:
14 Huebsch Horizon Washer
8 Huebsch Galaxy 20-pound washer extractors
8 Huebsch Galaxy 30-pound washer extractors
8 Huebsch Galaxy 40-pound washer extractors
6 Huebsch Galaxy 60-pound washer extractors
1 Huebsch Galaxy 80-pound washer extractors
13 Huebsch 30-pound stack dryers
7 Huebsch 45-pound stack dryers
1 Huebsch 75 pound dryers

Water Heating System:
3 Takagi instant hot water heaters

Card System:

Bill Changers:
American rear-loading bill changer and an American rear-loading bill to bill changer

Laundry Carts:
204 R&B Wire Products laundry carts with poles

Folding Tables:
12 different size Solomatic tables throughout the store

Porcelain gray plank floors

4-bulb LED fixtures

Soap Vending:
Vendrite 8 column soap vending

Beverage Vending:
1 beverage vending machine with assorted soft drinks, juices and water

Snack Vending:
1 snack vending machine with assorted snacks

4 50-inch televisions

Arcade/Video Games:

Children's Play Area:

Additional Amenities:
• Lounge seating
• Four Solomatic modular seating units

Wash-Dry-Fold Service:
Full-service wash-dry-fold service

Drop-Off Drycleaning Service:
Yes, Laundromart of Oakland Park has a white Model W220 Conveyer in-store

Aaxon Laundry Systems
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
954) 772-7100

Project Consultant:
Arthur Lapon