Aaxons’ Investor, Autumn Markley Reflects Local Culture

February 24, 2022

Little Havana Laundry, a Miami-based laundromat recently added unique artwork by Ivan Roque and Heps Fury Productions representing the local culture and community. This Miami-based laundromat worked with Aaxon Laundry System in early 2021, and since then has taken several measures to add value to its customers.

Autumn Markley, the owner of Little Havana Laundry, comes from a background in beauty and hair and is an art enthusiast. She has always been creative in her business and enjoyed working with local artists. Markley also believes that being in the heart of Little Havana Miami gives her an opportunity to bring the community together. It was her desire to create a curb appeal and beauty that has never been seen inside a laundromat.

Markley worked with Ivan Roque on the inside mural, and for the outside mural, she worked with Heps Fury Productions. Cuban artist Ivan Roque created a tropical scene that can be seen from the entire front and brings energy into the laundromat. On the other hand, Heps Fury did create a beautiful signature look for the front of the building.

"We have brought the history of the Cuban culture into the laundromat with pictures of old cars on the wall. Letting the music play throughout the day and seeing people walk by enjoying the art it's a beautiful sight," said Autumn Markley. "Life is full of color it's the way you express your passion and love. Being a part of a community and having an essential business you have to embrace and support the ones around you."

Since the purchase of Little Havana Laundry, Autumn worked with Aaxon Laundry System to replace old washers and dryers with brand-new Huebsch machines. The laundry also added workstations and Wi-Fi, allowing work from home professionals to bring their laptops with them. It recently started offering pickup and delivery laundry services as well.

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