Little Havana Laundry 

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Story of Little Havana 

In February 2021, this laundry located in the heart of Little Havana was purchased. Immediately, the new owner of this laundromat cleaned & remodeled it. They replaced almost all of the old washers and dryers with brand-new Huebsch machines.

Then this laundry in Miami decided to step out of the old concept of what a laundromat was and make this Miami laundromat a place where people could get work done while they waited for their laundry. Little Havana Laundry has workstations and wi-fi so that those who work from home can bring their laptop with them.

They also provide wash and fold near Coral Gables. And Little Havana Laundry is just starting pickup and delivery laundry service as well.

We have brought the history of the Cuban culture into the laundromat with pictures of old cars on the wall. Letting the music play throughout the day and seeing people walk by enjoying the art, it's a beautiful sight. Life is full of color. It's the way you express your passion and love. Being a part of a community and having an essential business, you have to embrace and support the ones around you.

Autumn Markley, Owner, Little Havana Laundry