Built to Last. And Last. And Last.

Long- Lasting Washers and Dryers with multiple payment options including an app for Multi-Family Laundry.

Effortless Technology 

Our payment options, make your life easier and keeps your residents more satisfied. Our equipment is set up for convenient payment options including card readers and the AaxonPay app which includes an online wallet loaded with credit/debit or mobile payments.

Hundreds of Multi-Family Partners

Thousands of Machines Installed

Why Lease With Aaxon For Apartments and Condos

When you choose Aaxon to lease

Revenue-Sharing Plans

These plans provide an income stream for qualified properties without any effort on your part.

Free on call laundry technician

Service calls average $200 per repair, including diagnosis, parts, labor. Aaxon will include repair and maintenance as free services.

New Washers and Dryers for Free

Aaxon will deliver and install new machines as well as remove tired, worn- out ones.

Repairs Add Up

Many laundry equipment owners underestimate their annual repair bill, which can easily be hundreds of dollars per machine each year.

Get Your Free Location Survey

We understand choosing a laundry room solution for your multi-housing property is a big deal. Laundry is an important daily chore for all residents, after all! And providing residents with a comfortable, safe and efficient laundry room is key to sustaining happy residents for years to come.

That's why we offer a complimentary location survey where our Account Executives inspect the current or prospective laundry facilities and make recommendations on equipment mix, pay system options as well as possible infrastructure including venting and plumbing. Included with the survey, is your own drawing of your laundry room which will display the laundry room with proper machine placement in CAD, 3D or Photo Realistic Rendering view.

Leasing Equipment Process

Schedule Property Visit

Our Account Executive will meet with you at your property.

Property Survey

The process begins with a property survey conducted by one of our AE's which analyzes the physical condition and locations of the common laundry room(s).

Create Proposal & Sign Contract

The AE will then ask to meet with the Property Manager, a designated Board Member, Building Owner or Management Company in order to fully understand the needs of the residents and gather the necessary information for the proposal. A contract will need to be signed before equipment can be installed.

Pre Installation Walk Through

Our AE, Install Manager and Service Manager will visit your property one last time for a walk thru.

Install Equipment

Your AE will contact you to notify the residents of the days that the laundry rooms will be converted to Speed Queen washers and dryers. Our Installation Team will install the new equipment, providing all the specialists necessary to complete the work.

Post Installation

Once the facilities are up and running, Aaxon will make collections at regularly scheduled dates from the location. Every Aaxon collector arrives in a corporate uniform and is identified with a photo ID badge. Aaxon provides and installs Laundry Instruction Signs in every room with a company service number as well as easy to use on-line form information for your new Speed Queen washers and dryers.

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